Walkers prove valuable to Welsh economy

Those who enjoy a walk as part of a day out in Wales are proving essential to the country’s economy, as Ramblers reveals they contributed £632 million throughout the course of 2009.

It is estimated that 28 million walking expeditions were made in the Welsh countryside during the year, which also helped keep many people in their jobs.

“We want Wales to be an enticing destination for walkers everywhere and for our footpaths and walking infrastructure to be the envy of the walking world,” commented Angela Charlton, director of Ramblers Cymru.

She emphasised that efforts need to be made to protect facilities for walkers to ensure they can be used over future generations.

Ramblers senior everyday walking officer Des De Moor recently recommended anyone who does not like warm temperatures to embark on a walk along the coast or in a forested area to keep cool.