Will my car tow the caravan I want?


Is it hard to tow a caravan?


If you’re sceptical about the ease of towing a caravan, let us reassure you straight away.

It is much easier than you might think. After all, if hundreds of thousands of owners are happily using their caravans regularly, this should give you some idea of

how easy it is to tow. Apart from the additional length of the outfit, towing a caravan is no more difficult than driving solo.

You just need to take a little more care cornering,

braking and accelerating smoothly, to allow the trailer to follow the direction and speed of the car.

Reversing might seem a little scary at first, but there’s a simple trick to it which, once learnt, will have you expert at manoeuvring very quickly.
Courses  & DVDs

You could take one of The Caravan Club manoeuvring courses available to beginners, should you have any doubts at all about your capabilities. There are inexpensive courses for both caravan towing and driving motor caravans.

They’re relaxed and informal, and also great fun! These can make a really enjoyable day out, and will readily instil confidence in your driving skills for almost any situation you’re likely to encounter.

There are DVDs and guides available too. There’s a super DVD presented by Carol Smillie from the Highways Agency, and a very useful towing guide leaflet available from The National Caravan Council, both of which


are free.



Get yourself the

‘Towing the Line’ DVD from The Caravan Club and find out just how easy towing can be

A towing course will give you all the confidence you need to tow your caravan in all situations

…and you get a certificate to prove it, too!